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Who We Are


Who We Are

In the words of our Founder,

‘A company of uncommon enterprise: challenging convention with innovation – sought out for high quality, cost effective solutions for integrated logistics and facilities management, design, manufacturing and construction, disaster recovery and humanitarian services’.

The Canstruct Group pursues unique projects for high profile clients with complex design and execution requirements.
We relish the opportunity to utilise our team’s intellect to deliver ‘real world’ integrated solutions that have the ‘end users’ at heart.  In many cases the ‘end user’ is Canstruct itself.

The business is fortified by five key premises:

  1. People are our greatest asset
  2. We are community focused
  3. We are united
  4. We create, complete and enhance – every single time, irrespective of the circumstances
  5. Continued profitability and sustainability

Founding Director

Robin Murphy

Robin established Canstruct Group as a leading construction and civil engineering company more than 50 years ago. Under his stewardship, Robin has spearheaded Canstruct to become an industry-leading company; able to solve complex projects and implement practical design solutions. Under Robin’s leadership, Canstruct has delivered many infrastructural projects to remote communities including the Oro Province of Papua New Guinea. Although he has stepped down as company CEO, Robin remains involved in Canstruct’s general operation.


Adrian Murphy

Adrian has more than 30 years’ experience working in the construction and civil engineering industry. Adrian has worked at Canstruct in many capacities including Project Manager, Business Development Manager and in a Director’s role. Adrian takes a practical approach to management. He consistently provides rigorous assessment of project risks and integrates innovation and professionalism into all projects.

Chief Executive Officer

Rory Murphy

Rory Murphy has been instrumental in Canstruct’s business growth and operational expansion. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Canstruct’s operations including corporate strategy, financial management, business development strategy, industrial relations and other corporate objectives. Rory joined the Canstruct team in 2004 and was appointed as the CEO in 2010. Since his appointment as CEO, Rory has diversified Canstruct’s service offering to include integrated operational management in remote locations. This approach has seen the company succeed both in Australia and internationally; providing end-to-end solutions and across-the-board accountability.


Daniel Murphy

Daniel started work in the construction industry nearly 30 years ago. He brings vast experience to his position and has worked in numerous capacities within Canstruct. Since his appointment as Canstruct General Manager in 2010, Daniel has been responsible for managing the many aspects of Canstruct’s operation. He has successfully coordinated a variety of projects including bridge and rail construction, infrastructure projects and desalination plants; all within a set budget and time frame. Daniel’s practical approach has made him a key component of Canstruct’s business operations. In his current role, he is responsible for overseeing the preparation of tenders, consultation with designers, programming, estimating, cost-control, risk assessment, staff / subcontractor selection and management of day-to-day issues.

Chief Operating Officer

Damien Cavanagh

Damien has worked in the mining, civil and building construction sectors for more than 25 years. During his career, he has worked with both national and international companies providing expertise in project management and cost estimation. Damien’s entrepreneurial strengths combined with his financial and management skills have allowed him to execute challenging projects. Prior to working at Canstruct, Damien was responsible for the oversight of commercial and industrial projects valued at more than $100 million.

Chief Financial Officer

Gavin Hargrave

Gavin is a qualified accountant with extensive experience working for medium to large sized companies. Throughout his career, Gavin has held key financial positions with various building and construction companies. Gavin commenced his career as Canstruct Chief Financial Officer in 2013. His role includes supporting the CEO and management team to develop and deliver strategy and planning and managing the risks associated with an international building and civil engineering business. Since tenure as Canstruct CFO, Gavin has taken a lead role in the augmentation and improvement of the company systems and financial processes to support the growth of the company.

General Counsel

Jordan Bennie

Jordan is a commercially focused professional with extensive experience in risk management and litigation. For over a decade he has assisted ASX listed companies, large private companies and individuals by designing and implementing legal and strategic plans with the goal of identifying and reducing risk. He has established a reputation as a seasoned leader at all levels of seniority by the development of management disciplines hone through the creation, management and responsibility of high performing professional services teams.

General Manager – Integrated Facilities and Logistics Management

Robert Cattle

Robert has excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Rob is a strong leader in the catering and accommodation field, inspiring and training teams to deliver outstanding results. He has experience in operations management, strategic planning, business process improvement, governance, change management, business development, financial management combined with project and program management.

General Manager – Special Projects

Andrew Merchant

An Operations Manager with over 15 years of International and Australian experience across the private and public sectors including the Immigration and Defence industries. Areas of specialisation include Inter-Government relationship and collaboration, Cross-Government Emergency Management, Business Contingency and Continuity Planning, Risk and Security Analysis, Asset Management, Community Service Provision, and Remote Location Support Logistics. Possesses a capacity to lead teams, work autonomously, and in contract teams to solve complex, challenging business problems by applying operational excellence and innovation. Andrew served in the Defence Force for twenty years bringing valuable operational and leadership skills into the private sector.

General Manager – Corporate Services

Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel has worked in both domestic and international infrastructure projects managing contracts for over 15 years in various procurement models. He joined Canstruct in 2016. Since then, he has been in charge of all commercial matters for the Nauru Garrison and Welfare Services Project and previously the Nauru Regional Processing Centre Infrastructure Project. This includes the contractual deliverables, submission of claims and invoicing, insurance establishment and risk workshops, financial reporting and key subcontract management. His attention to detail combined with his collaborative leadership style complements Canstruct International’s client focused contracting style.

General Manager – Humanitarian Services

Karen Langdon

With over 19 years extensive experience, Karen has worked in and managed programs in non-government and private sectors in Australia and internationally – supporting people who have experienced torture and trauma. Following the principles of community development and social justice and by viewing project development through a trauma informed lens she has successfully established frameworks, policies and procedures for sound development and improvement of humanitarian programs. Her focus on client well-being and therapeutic interventions, compliments Canstruct’s client-centric approach to all projects they deliver. Her focus is on delivering humanitarian projects that enhance the psycho-social and economic outcomes in both Australia and abroad

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