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Humanitarian Services

Canstruct Group’s Humanitarian Services works in conjunction with extensive resources in infrastructure development, facilities management and logistics, innovative design, and disaster recovery services to deliver a comprehensive humanitarian response. Our goal is to ensure that local communities are at the centre of our response. We recognise and embrace the strengths of the communities we work with, through our collaborative approach and maintaining enduring partnerships with community.

Our guiding principles are to:

  • Ensure Sustainability
  • Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion
  • Be Collaborative
  • Build Constructive Partnerships
  • Respect Human Rights

Canstruct Group is committed to the realisation of the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and as such, has identified key SDGs where there are opportunities for shared value, the capacity to contribute to solutions that address social and environmental challenges, and to lead by example. We’re committed to contributing to a more prosperous, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future. The Sustainability Development Goals are one of the key frameworks that guide our Humanitarian Services work coupled with, the assessment of the impact of the work that we engage in. The foundation of our Humanitarian Service response are community development and community engagement, capacity building and workforce development, cross-cultural competence, psycho-social support, and safeguarding analysis and practice.

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Core Service Competencies

Our Community Development Framework (2021) is the cornerstone of our approach to working in communities.

The United Nations articulates the concept of Community Development as a process designed to create conditions of economic and social progress for the whole community with its active participation and fullest possible reliance upon the community’s initiative.

For us, Community Development is a way of working that involves a set of principles and focus practice areas that are used to enable communities in which we operate to grow and change according to their own needs and priorities. We are clear that it is not simply about community engagement, project management and building infrastructure. While these may be elements or outputs of a community development approach, the fundamental focus is on the capacity building and self determination of people and communities.

We partner with communities to identify and deliver capacity building opportunities, including workforce and professional development; capacity building of individuals and groups in contexts where we are ‘invited in’. Organisational development, strengthening through skill sharing and knowledge development with private sector partners, civil society, and government entities are also part of the process.

We place particular emphasis on local participation in our workforce and utilise the knowledge and skills of our local workforce to ensure our engagement with community is culturally aware, relevant, and respectful. Investment in our local staff through capacity building, training, coaching, supervision, and mentoring supports a workplace culture that is mutually respectful and assists us with understanding the needs of the communities in which we work.

Canstruct respects and celebrates cultural diversity and recognises the value of developing cultural knowledge and building understanding of culture, history and place within our leaders, teams, and staff. We actively do this through our community engagement, capacity building and intentional intercultural development in the communities in which we work.

Canstruct has a zero-tolerance approach to sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment (SEAH) and strives to build a respectful working culture. This culture rejects inappropriate behaviour and promotes an environment where staff and communities are supported.

We recognise that gender inequalities and other power imbalances including inequalities based on the distinction of worker/beneficiary; ability/disability; ethnic and Indigenous status; religion; sexual orientation, gender identity and expression; age; health and poverty, can also result in SEAH.

We are committed to the protection and safety of vulnerable people in the communities where we work. This commitment extends to supporting our partners with the development of safeguarding policies and practices that protect vulnerable people.

Canstruct promotes the mental health and well-being of communities in the complex contexts we work in, including our humanitarian and disaster recovery work.

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