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Design, Manufacture & Construction

Infrastructure at Canstruct Group is a constant proponent of adaptability and innovation. Our design, manufacturing & construction experience and impressive track record illustrates operations in the most challenging and remote locations across Australia and the Pacific. We demonstrate innovative ways to combat adverse challenges across both greenfield and brownfield projects. The successful completion of these projects can only be achieved by a team of individuals with high levels of expertise and insight.

Our team has worked predominantly on Government projects (State & Federal). We understand and appreciate the public and community interest priorities that need to be addressed in such projects.

Kumusi Bridge Papua New Guinea
Kumusi Bridge, Papua New Guinea

Core Service Competencies

Design is an integral ingredient in any small or large scale manufacture and construction project. Innovation coupled with Australian sourced materials ensures that Canstruct provides the most cost effective and best fit solution every time. Long established, well credentialed engineering and architectural partners coupled with a highly skilled inhouse manufacturing team drive a client focused outcome that often sets us apart from our industry colleagues. Given that in the majority of cases Canstruct is the ‘end user’ we know what works and why it works. Simply put, Canstruct creates, completes and enhances in this space, both domestically and internationally.

The Canstruct Group’s manufacturing unit is well established, employs highly skilled Australian workers and uses Australian sourced materials.  Our design-led solution approach to everything we produce ensures the process is cost effective and scalable. Our experience and reputation illustrates a company that is adept at delivering innovative outcomes for our clients whether they be from the private sector or Government. Attention to detail, systems and process underpin our success and drive our desire to ‘get the job’ right. With extensive project work domestically and internationally in remote and demanding environments provides the confidence that we can deliver on any project anywhere.

Canstruct has built robust capabilities in civil construction and engineering across metropolitan, regional and remote areas of Australia and the South Pacific. This experience has provided our team with a wide range of expertise in constructing bridges, railways, roads, waste treatment plants, buildings and ports.

Canstruct has worked on a range of marine projects. From underwater pipelines to geotechnical investigations, wharves and pier remediation. We have the experience and know how to develop detailed methodologies for all marine works and the logistics required to support them.

Canstruct has built numerous fully furbished buildings and complexes in various areas throughout rural and remote Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. These projects are directly intended to improve living conditions and enhance community development of rural and remote communities.  Our policy is to engage and upskill the local workforce.

Canstruct has built both small and large scale medical facilities for all manner of health services. Furthermore, we have the ability and experience in the construction of medical grade mobile pressure units specifically for times of crises and pandemics.

Our team are continuously collaborating with key stakeholders to maintain transparency and ensure greater project success. These efforts further the practicality and effectiveness at the various construction phases from concept to design through to the build and decommissioning phase.

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