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November 1, 2021
November 1, 2021

Canstruct Group has a new Chief Executive Officer

Damien Cavanagh, former Chief Operations Officer, has replaced Rory Murphy as the company’s Chief Executive.
For the first time in Canstruct’s fifty-five-year history the family owned and operated business, will be led from somebody outside of the Murphy family.
The company founded by Robin Murphy in 1966, has been grounded in Queensland, and has worked on multiple projects, in remote areas, both domestically and in the Pacific.
With over two hundred employees, Canstruct has become a powerhouse in the construction and facility management arenas and continues to grow its diverse project base at home and abroad.
In his acceptance speech, Cavanagh acknowledged the trust, support, and guidance of the Murphy family (Robin, Adrian, Rory, and Dan) and how Canstruct continues to successfully navigate the cultural, safety and financial challenges posed by Covid-19.
Further he said, ‘This company is built on family values, delivering ‘works’ and services in regional and remote environments on projects that are difficult and challenging to execute. This will not change. The Canstruct Group will continue to be client-driven; accountable, work respectfully and ethically, while maintaining our commitment to whole-of-business sustainability.’
‘Canstruct is well positioned to take advantage of pipeline projects earmarked for the Pacific region and has established strong, reliable networks - it is certainly exciting times,’ he said.
In closing, Cavanagh reiterated his commitment to the role, his gratitude to the Murphy family and requested continued support and innovative practice from the staff.


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