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Canstruct delivers tailored welfare programs and services, including individual care, case management, early childhood, youth and adult education and recreation programs, referral services, settlement support and child safeguarding services. Our combined objective is to promote the wellbeing of individuals that we support as well as the communities which they are a part of.

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Our Services

The humanitarian service experience of Canstruct is wide-ranging and includes:

  • Complex and individualised case management for at-risk and vulnerable clients
  • Communicating in a manner that is culturally sensitive, in order to effectively work with individuals to encourage and support achieving autonomy
  • Coordinating access to available services from external providers
  • Child safeguarding expertise, mentoring, training, and policy and procedure development
  • Adaptable and responsive accommodation, transfers and departures procedures
  • Facilitation of feedback and complaints systems and processing of highly confidential and sensitive information
  • Innovative and user-friendly data collection and reporting solutions
  • Development and facilitation of education and recreation programs for youth and adults from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, including specialised programs for those with identified psychosocial concerns, learning disabilities and developmental delays
  • Facilitation of cultural and religious programs for a culturally and demographically diverse client base
  • Refugee settlement support services
  • Meaningful mentoring, training and support of locally based employees with an intent to empower and upskill

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