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Canstruct has a wealth of experience, spanning more than 50 years, executing construction and engineering projects. The company began its first major business venture in the jungles of Papua New Guinea to construct three bridges crossing wild rivers along the Highlands Highway. Canstruct has since gone on to design and construct the Christmas Island housing project, and the regional processing centre and refugee accommodation sites in Nauru.

Laying Outfall Pipe in New Caledonia with Diver Support Vessel “Protector”
Our Experience

Canstruct’s considerable experience delivering technically and logistically challenging projects has facilitated an embedded culture for innovation and adaptability to overcome challenges faced throughout our project suite. Our skilled workforce consists of engineers, project managers, construction managers, risk managers, WHS officers, environmental officers, human resource officers, proficient on-site labour, accountants and meticulous administration staff.

Our Services

Canstruct provides a wide range of engineering services for project types such as the following:

  • Civil construction including tunnels and bridges
  • Marine works
  • Design development
  • Construction management
  • Housing developments and community buildings including schools and hospitals
  • Commercial buildings and offices

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