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Canstruct is experienced in providing community and international development services, and partners with communities to identify and deliver capacity building opportunities in remote and regional locations. Our approach to capacity building is realistic, respectful of local issues, and takes into consideration local community expectations and attitudes. We work with communities to develop and implement strategies and initiatives that are supported, requested and feasible, and have a high likelihood of enduring success. We have a proven history in cross-cultural integration, through our excellent service delivery in relation to refugee settlement and transitional support.

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Community Integration

We provide a holistic and integrated approach to promoting wellbeing and community integration through delivery of various community engagement initiatives and projects and have been able to successfully engage with numerous schools, health service providers, NGOs, local businesses, government officials and departmental representatives at various levels. Our level of respect and interaction with the community in the locations we work in ensures the needs of our host communities are always at the forefront of our planning approach and implementation strategy.

Cultural Understanding

Canstruct adopts a sustainable approach to community engagement. We place a particular emphasis on local participation in our workforce and use the knowledge and skills of our local workforce to ensure our engagement with communities is culturally aware and relevant. Investment in our local employees through capacity building, training, mentoring and professional development lends itself to a workplace culture that is mutually respectful and assists us with gaining an in-depth understanding of the needs of communities in which we work.

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