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Marsden SHS Health Hub Program

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24 August 2021

A shipping container turned Medical Pod is transforming the future of our health industry

The Health Hub Program at Marsden State High School (SHS) is teaching students the necessary skills to effectively support the functioning of health services.

Early last year, Canstruct Group provided Marsden SHS with a Mobile Medical Pod to kick-start their Health Hub Program.

Retrospectively, in 2020, 50 Marsden SHS students completed a Certificate II in Health Support Services with an additional 15 students completing a Certificate III in Health Support Assistant.

This year, that figure is expected to double.

In addition to the Certificate II Program, Marsden SHS is coordinating a Certificate III in Health Assistant at the end of the year for graduating students.

This is all about career pathways, 20 students studying the Cert III will potentially proceed to further learning and development in the health industry at either the Diploma level or at university.

Upon completing their tertiary study, potential job opportunities include aged or disability care, nursing, paramedicine and physiotherapy.

Marsden SHS are also working to develop relationships with tertiary institutions and organisations to possibly develop the school into a ‘Gateway School’ that connects students to the health industry.

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Local Jobs Awarded As Project Sea Dragon Commences Construction

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27 July 2021

Two local contracts have been awarded to Territory businesses as construction begins for Seafarms’ Project Sea Dragon.

Seafarms raised $92.5 million to kick-start construction last month via share placement.

For the early start phase of construction, All Cast NT will provide about 5,000 tonnes of precast concrete structures for 72 ponds at the first farm.

Territory Air Services are providing air transport for key personnel to Legune Station.

Project Sea Dragon is a $1.87 billion aquaculture project, which will ultimately see the development of up to 10,000 hectares of ponds for black tiger prawns production facilities.

Construction to build ponds for farming black tiger prawns in the Victoria River District commenced this month.

The work marks Stage 1A of the project. It will be carried out over 400 hectares of land at Legune Station, and will comprise of 36 nursery and 36 grow out ponds.

Juvenile prawns hatched at the Bynoe Harbour breeding facility will be delivered to the grow-out centre at Legune where they will grow to market size.

Stage 1A of the project is expected to deliver more than $63 million in benefits from local employment.

At full scale the project will provide 700 jobs for local people on the ground at Legune Station and 300 jobs at a Darwin-based hatchery.

Once completed, the ponds built at Legune Station in Stage 1A will have the capacity to produce around 6,000 tonnes of premium black tiger prawns each year.


Quotes from Chief Minister Michael Gunner:

“Territorians love their seafood, and they especially love their prawns – but this project is really all about the hundreds of jobs we will generate.

“It is creating new opportunities for businesses and building up the Territory’s aquaculture sector and exports.

“Projects like this put the Territory on the map as Australia’s comeback capital.”


Quotes from Minister for Agribusiness and Aquaculture Nicole Manison:

“This is such an exciting project for the Territory because it means jobs, jobs and more jobs.

“The Territory’s aquaculture sector has a significant role to play in our economic recovery and Project Sea Dragon will see the very best black tiger prawns grown here in the Territory.

“We know how much this will strengthen industry right across the board, build confidence to attract new projects and create more jobs.”


Quotes from Seafarms Chair Ian Trahar:

“When completed, Stage 1A is expected to produce 6000 tonnes of premium Black Tiger Prawns within the first 12 months of operation, with the first Black Tiger Prawns ready for harvest in late 2023.

“At full-scale Project Sea Dragon has the potential to create around 1500 jobs in northern Australia, including 700 jobs for local people on the ground at Legune Station, 300 jobs at a Darwin-based hatchery and breeding facilities and 500 jobs in Kununurra.

“Seafarms is committed to employing local people and businesses in this project and the development of Project Sea Dragon will have significant economic benefits for the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Australia as a whole.”

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Chief Minister on Board

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26 July 2021

The Northern Territory’s Chief Minister, Honourable Michael Gunner has again publicly given his government’s support for Project Sea Dragon

At a Media Conference in the Darwin Headquarters of Seafarms, to mark the construction phase of the Project, the Chief Minister reinforced his endorsement for the southern hemisphere’s largest prawn aquaculture project.

Canstruct Group, the Managing Contractor for the project, has commenced this exciting phase as part of a collaborative partnership with Seafarms.

Chief Operating Officer, Damien Cavanagh said ’This project is the realisation of Ian Trahar’s vision and the relentless drive of the team at Seafarms.  It has been many years in the making and an enormous task.  Irrespective of the plethora of barriers, their pursuit of the end goal is to be commended. Here we are – all systems go.  Canstruct is proud to be part of such an exciting Northern Australian project’.

The Project is a regional economic driver for both the Northern Territory and Western Australia, via the provision of hundreds of short and long-term local jobs.

This project brings much needed, new money, into the economy.

Canstruct Group is engaging with Indigenous communities to help establish a strong, diverse, local workforce.

At present the local Contractors’ total workforce has over 25 per cent Indigenous employment participation and Canstruct has a target of 10 per cent direct Indigenous project employment engagement.

Mr. Cavanagh continued, ‘We are committed to building communities, economies and most importantly livelihoods.  This initial construction phase is expected to take twenty-four months and we will be relying heavily on local engagement and participation’.

The first prawns will be on Australian and international plates in late 2023.

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Land Forces 2021

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04 June 2021

Canstruct Group on show at Land Forces 2021 Exposition

After three days of talking and meeting about all things military, the Canstruct Group crew are back on deck.

The Exposition provided the platform for the organisation to further discuss our Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) expertise and experience with our military colleagues.

As a capacity adding partner, we are positioned to deliver the full needs of disaster response, side-by- side with our partners in uniform.

The suite of services Canstruct delivers within the HADR space includes civil and building construction, emergency accommodation and meals, logistics solutions, deployable skilled capacity, mental health support services and utilities infrastructure.

Throughout the Exposition we were able to connect with three separate, but related entities: the Australian Defence Force, potential commercial partners, and Government Agencies.  Each providing a myriad of opportunities for Canstruct to work collaboratively across recovery efforts post natural disasters both in Australia and more broadly in the Pacific.

Thank you to all that visited our booth over the three days and made Land Forces 2021 Exposition such a success for Canstruct Group.

We look forward to reconnecting with you all over the next week and exploring future possibilities.

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Canstruct Group Exhibiting at Land Forces 2021

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31 May 2021

The Group is gearing up for three days of Australian Defence Force conversations

Canstruct Group is a dynamic Australian company providing scalable, internationally competitive solutions across multiple domestic and Pacific projects. With talented staff, many of them ex-veterans, we have the capability to deploy Recovery Teams (cooperatively and independently) to natural disasters at short notice.

Our approach is underpinned by the broader components of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. Planning for recovery is integral to emergency preparation and mitigation actions are often initiated as part of the process. Additionally, physical, environmental and economic elements together with psychosocial wellbeing are all part of Canstruct’s considerations.

We have earned a reputation for being a high performer with the ability to defy time, cost, design and environmental constraints to develop pragmatic solutions to complex problems. Our success in delivering these outcomes on domestic and international projects is a result of determined leadership and compassionate management supported by a committed team.

Canstruct Group is proud of our 50-year history. We undertake the most difficult of projects and our team thrives on converting challenges into solutions. Our expansive experience combined with our people is focused on delivering both sustainable outcomes and real value to the regions in which we operate.

Our integrated approach allows us to see projects through from concept to implementation and execution. We draw upon expertise in a diverse range of service areas to provide end-to-end solutions regardless of the scope, size or location.

We welcome the opportunity to further discuss our Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) expertise and experience with our military colleagues. As a capacity adding partner, we are positioned to deliver the full needs of disaster response.

The suite of services Canstruct delivers within the HADR space include civil and building construction, emergency accommodation and meals, logistics solutions, deployable skilled capacity, mental health support services and utilities infrastructure.

The Canstruct Group is sharing a booth with our veteran partners, Forge Advisory in HALL 4 (Stand 4J6) of the Land Forces, Australian Indo-Asia Pacific, International Land Defence Exposition. The Exposition is being held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 1-3 June 2021. Join us for a complimentary coffee and a chat about our Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief solutions.

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In The Remote – East Cay Navigation Structure

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21 December 2020

Canstruct has actively sort out to provide works in the most remote and challenging locations for decades. This project is considered one of our most isolated to date.

In November 2000, Canstruct took 15 highly skilled professionals to what may be considered one of the most remote sites in Australia.

Located at the northernmost region of the Great Barrier Reef, 3km east of the Papua New Guinean border and 40km west of Murray Island is a submerged cay.

The project, to construct a navigation structure on top of the cay, was requested by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

A one-way 1150km tug-boat journey to this remote location spanned 10 days across the Coral Sea. All personnel stayed aboard the boat for the entire duration of the project.

The towing of prefabricated construction materials which travelled from Cairns Harbour to East Cay with the barge amassed 1000 tonnes.

On arrival to East Cay, the setting of the construction platform was a delicate procedure. Divers were required to ensure that any marine life or coral beneath the structure were left unharmed and untouched. This added to the complexity of the project when establishing a stationary platform position on top of the sea-bed.

Once the 150-tonne platform was secure, it was used as a stationary crane support to allow driving of the permanent piles into the cay.

Installation of the navigation tower and equipment required the crane jib to be extended from 30 metres for pile driving to 60 metres for erection.

The attachment of the pre-fabricated tower component was very difficult to manoeuvre and ultimately assemble. While the platform was stationary the jib constantly moved on top of the floating barge.

An added feature to the structure was the installation of a helipad, used as a resting point for helicopter pilots.

Although the duration of the project lasted less than the time travelled to and from site, roughly 15 days –the project operation was at risk of experiencing significant delays from prevailing winds, large ocean swells and current forces.

As of today, two decades on, this structure still stands. The legacy in the middle of nowhere, a navigation structure protrudes out of the sea, standing at 33 metres in height or as tall as an 11-storey building – now that’s something!

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We are a dynamic company providing scalable, internationally competitive solutions across multiple domestic and international projects.

Canstruct and The Story Bridge

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24 November 2020

More than a decade of construction and maintenance work on one of Brisbane’s busiest and most iconic landmarks.

Brisbane is known for many recognisable features and landmarks, some of which Canstruct have had the opportunity to deliver works on. Although, nothing is more iconic than contributing to a decade of construction and maintenance work on Brisbane’s famous Story Bridge.

Opened in 1940, the Story Bridge was one of three major public works projects that created mass employment during a period of economic hardship. More importantly it connected people and businesses alike on both sides of the Brisbane River in what was a huge boost to the local economy.

Fast forward to 1990, the Story Bridge was showing critical signs of structural distress and significant failure in some parts. Former CEO and Founding Director of Canstruct – Robin Murphy, was approached by the Brisbane City Council to lead the remediation works.

The works involved the instalment of newly reinforced concrete decking to replace the concrete spalling of the existing locations. This included the footpath along the Story Bridge and the concrete construction joints in the main road deck.

The steel work of the bridge’s infrastructure was severely degraded. Thousands of heavily corroded bolts and nuts throughout the structure together with corroded girders were in need of replacing. Approximately 2000 new gal steel stairs and walkways were installed to replace the existing timber walkways from the original 1930’s construction.

Canstruct also delivered works to the William Taylor and William Jolly Bridges over the same decade.

Today, Canstruct’s remediation activities are being enjoyed by the hundreds of thousands of people who cross the bridge every year. It was a privilege for Canstruct to add their touch to such an icon landmark.

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We are a dynamic company providing scalable, internationally competitive solutions across multiple domestic and international projects.

Runcorn SHS Health Academy: First look at ground-breaking facility

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Media Release

16 October 2020

An intensive care unit is not somewhere most young people want to visit, but for some students at this Brisbane school it’s an important tool to help them tackle the next stage of their life.

A state high school on Brisbane’s southside plans to offer courses in Certificate III Health Services Assistance to both students and members of the public next year with the official opening of its new Health Academy.

Runcorn State High School marketing officer Jordain Just said the Academy, delivered in partnership with Milton VET provider Axiom College, is “in response to the growing number of students interested in pursuing a career in the health industry”.

“In 2018 and 2019, about 25 per cent of our cohort who went on to further study chose a health-related field,” he said.

A scaled-down version of the Academy has already been operating this year, with approximately 40 students working towards a Certificate II Health Support Services qualification.

“The pandemic of 2020 has taught all of us the importance and integral nature that healthcare has in our lives,” Mr Just said.

“Our vision is to offer an upgraded VET qualification, namely the Certificate III as well as the Certificate II, in 2021, not only to students at the school, but also those in our community who would like to pursue a career in the health industry.”

Mr Just hailed the special contributions of Brisbane company Canstruct International, which donated the academy’s portable ICU unit, valued at $150,000; the Princess Alexandra Hospital, which donated one of the unit’s two beds; and Acacia Ridge company Associated Scale Services, a manufacturer of industrial weighing systems, who donated funds to purchase medical equipment.

The portable ICU, contained within a shipping container, is a specialist negative pressure portable hospital room which can be deployed within two hours.

Canstruct Group chief executive Rory Murphy has previously told The Courier Mail the rooms could be used in remote or bushfire-affected areas, or to increase hospital capacity in pandemic times.

“These rooms help Australia become crisis-ready, and are so adaptable that they can be used for health, defence or humanitarian need,” he said.

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We are a dynamic company providing scalable, internationally competitive solutions across multiple domestic and international projects.

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Brisbane Firm Launches Inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan  

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2 June 2020

Brisbane-based firm, Canstruct, has launched its inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) today, during National Reconciliation Week, to formalise its commitment to supporting reconciliation efforts both in the community and the workplace.

The RAP was approved by Reconciliation Australia – an independent, not-for-profit organisation committed to contributing to the reconciliation of the nation.

Chief Operating Officer of Canstruct, Damien Cavanagh, said corporations are often in a powerful position to influence positive change to benefit everyone and our RAP is going to do just that.

“While all employees can take personal action towards the unity of our country, this RAP is a structured framework through which Canstruct can contribute as a business and use our corporate platform to contribute to a unified nation.”

A 2018 report by PWC – The contribution of the Indigenous business sector to Australia’s economy – states that in 2016 Indigenous businesses contributed to approximately $2.2 billion to $6.6 billion which represents 0.1 per cent to 0.4 per cent of the nation’s GDP.

Mr Cavanagh said research such as this reiterated the importance of Australian businesses developing a RAP and committing to engaging with Indigenous businesses and groups.

“We know that financial independence is a good means of providing opportunities to disadvantaged communities and if we can support the economic success of Indigenous businesses, we will.”

“Canstruct acknowledges and appreciates that diversity is the key to unified success. We are not about leaving disadvantaged communities behind while others succeed,” he said.

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We are a dynamic company providing scalable, internationally competitive solutions across multiple domestic and international projects.

Local company helps Australia become crisis-ready

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8 May 2020

A Brisbane company has designed and built specialised ‘negative pressure’ portable hospital rooms made from shipping containers that can be delivered anywhere in Australia, and have offered to donate ten – worth a combined $1.5 million – to Australia’s health services.

The rooms, which can be operational within two hours of delivery even to remote and regional centres, are also convertible to ‘positive pressure’ which keeps out dust particles and smoke, making them suitable for bushfire affected areas.

Canstruct, which has manufactured the fully self-contained rooms for the Pacific region, says the rooms will increase hospital capacity during high volume times like COVID-19, and can provide extra intensive care and isolation facilities to Australia’s many regional areas at short notice.

Canstruct Group CEO Rory Murphy explained that while Australia thankfully hasn’t seen the amount of cases of COVID-19 experienced by many other nations, federal and state governments are warning about the likelihood of a second wave.

“We are all hoping for the best, but as we’ve seen overseas, we must be ready for the worst case scenarios, and also for other health crises in the future.

“These rooms help Australia become crisis-ready, and are so adaptable that they can be used for health, defence or humanitarian need.”

The initiative has won the support of global medical company International SOS, which supplies medical services and expertise to governments across the globe.

Medical Director of Occupational Health Dr Kalesh Seevnarain said rooms for isolating airborne infectious disease are in short supply in hospitals.

“A single room with appropriate air handling and negative ventilation is particularly important for reducing the risk of micro-organisms being spread by airborne transmission from a source patient to susceptible persons,” he explained.

“Special rooms like this are essential for controlling pathogens and making sure they stay contained to one patient’s room, rather than infecting others nearby, as happened with COVID-19 on cruise ships.”

Canstruct has rediverted their resources to manufacturing these units and in the process saved 15 full time jobs and provided work for many Australian suppliers and subcontractors.

“There is a role for companies to help during these times and we wanted to play our part,” Mr Murphy said.

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We are a dynamic company providing scalable, internationally competitive solutions across multiple domestic and international projects..

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