“The Kumusi Bridge is truly a milestone achievement. To provide this will connect more than 100,000 people and give us more opportunities. An engineering spectacle that we are proud of and I say thank you to the contractors for a job well done. This bridge is a beacon of hope and a symbol of resilience for our country,”

announced Deputy Prime Minister Sir Leo Dion at the official opening of the Kumusi Bridge in Oro Province, Papua New Guinea on Wednesday the 23rd of November, 2016.

The Kumusi Bridge at 285 metres in length is the largest two-lane bridge in PNG. The official opening was a joyous occasion with thousands of people in attendance to witness the dancing and sing sing. VIPS included: Deputy Prime Minister Sir Leo Dion; Minister for National Planning Charles Abel; Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis;Governor or Oro Province Gary Juffa; and The Hon Delilah Gore, Minister Religion, Youth and Community Development.

Charles Abel, the Minister for National Planning in his speech said

“Thankyou to Canstruct. You’ve done a fantastic job.”

Gary Juffa, Governor of Oro Province said:

“We have come to know Canstruct. They have been part of our community. Even when they leave, they will still be in our hearts. They have left a footprint that we will remember forever. We want to thank the Australian people. The bridges represent a wonderful gift from Australia.”

Delilah Gore, Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development and local Member for Sohe:

“These bridges will save lots of lives. It will save the Sohe district.”