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How We Work

Canstruct International Logistics Integrated Facilities Management

How We Work

A Multifaceted Approach

The Canstruct Group’s guiding principles are humility and humanity. We value and respect people. Through the capability of our diverse multidisciplinary workforce we are able to effectively respond in a timely manner to meet the needs of our clients. Canstruct’s integrated delivery model consists of four pillars or services lines which are supported through scalable specialist services. We work in collaborative partnership with our client’s perspective at the heart of our decision-making processes to deliver tailored, design-led solutions.

Our service lines consist of:

  • Integrated Facilities and Logistics Management
  • Design, Manufacture and Construction
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Humanitarian Services
A Multifaceted Approach Our Approach
Damien Cavanagh

A message from our CEO - Damien Cavanagh

We are proud of our 50-year history in operating in remote and challenging locations around the world. Undertaking the most difficult of projects is in our DNA and our team thrives on converting challenges into solutions.

We are passionate about delivering projects that drive sustainable outcomes for our clients and local communities. We’re a dynamic company specialising in integrated management of services including facilities management, design, manufacture and construction, disaster recovery and humanitarian services.

At the core of our identity lies an unshakable commitment to our people-centric values. This focus ensures that when we work in a community, we leave an enduring legacy that delivers long-term benefits to its people.

We have earned a reputation for being a high performer with the ability to defy time, cost, design and environmental constraints to develop dynamic solutions to complex problems. Our success in delivering these outcomes on domestic and international projects is a result of determined leadership and compassionate management supported by a committed team.

Our expansive experience combined with our people is focused on delivering both sustainable solutions and real value to the regions in which we operate.

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